Congratulations to TMSA’s Highest Achievers!

Congratulations to TMSA’s Highest Achievers!
Posted on 10/05/2022
Congratulations to TMSA’s Highest Achievers!Like most schools, our school participates in MAP’s quarterly assessments to measure student growth for each grade level. Since MAP Growth is the most trusted and innovative assessment for measuring achievement and growth we are tremendously proud to honor and acknowledge our scholars for their continued hard work and dedication.

The majority of our scholars performed well, but some have successfully Mastered the standards, and managed to score above level in some of their subjects.

Coming and first and second places for the best scores in the MAP TEST in fall 2022/23 are:

6th Grade
Highest Math Score / E. Gonzalez (RIT Score 244)
Highest Reading Score / E. Hogan (RIT Score 249)

7th Grade
Highest Math Score / A. Karaer ( RIT Score 249)
Highest Reading Score / X. Redd (RIT Score 239)

8th Grade
Highest Math Score / A. Subhani (RIT Score 263)
Highest Reading Score / A. Pendrak (RIT Score 253)

Our students are competitive, prepared and doing a great job to rank themselves among many charter schools around the world.

Congratulations to them; they have earned tremendous success!