TMSA Organizes Blood Drive with Red Cross

TMSA Organizes Blood Drive with Red Cross
Posted on 05/02/2023
TMSA Organizes Blood Drive with Red CrossIn a show of gratitude and community service, TMSA Triad Secondary campus recently organized a blood drive in partnership with the Red Cross.

The event was a resounding success, with a large turnout of donors who selflessly gave their blood to save lives. The TMSA Triad Secondary campus believes that organizing blood drives is one of the best ways to give back to the community.

They are proud to have organized such a successful event and extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. The blood drive was held on April 28 at the TMSA Triad Secondary campus, with staff and students coming together to donate blood. The Red Cross team was on hand to ensure a smooth and safe donation process for all participants.

The event was a testament to the spirit of giving and community service that runs deep in the TMSA Triad Secondary campus. The school will continue to organize blood drives in the future, in the hopes of saving even more lives and making a positive impact on the community. Overall, the blood drive was a resounding success and a true testament to the generosity and community-mindedness of the TMSA Triad Secondary campus.

The school remains committed to making a difference in the lives of others, and this blood drive was just one small step towards that goal. 
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